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All our special guests are housed in their own spacious individually heated chalets with shelves and a window seat. Each unit has a run which is outward facing onto our landscaped garden giving complete security, protection from the elements but allowing your cat(s) to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air and watch the visiting wildlife!


Our standard size chalet is generous enough to house two cats comfortably. Family sized units are also available which will easily accommodate up to four cats. Only cats from the same household may share accommodation. There is a full size sneeze barrier between each unit so that whilst each cat can see its neighbour, there is no direct contact. Each chalet is fully insulated and heated.

Individual cat diets are fully catered for and all meals are prepared in a separate hygienic cat kitchen. We make sure all cats are eating and drinking well and performing their daily functions. However, if your cat is receiving a particularly special diet from a vet we request that you bring it with you to ensure continuity.

We endeavour to spend time getting to know each of our guests and will groom them daily. This helps them to feel at home and allows us to spot any problems quickly. Should it be necessary veterinary assistance will be sought from your preferred veterinary surgery. Any treatment prescribed by a Veterinary Surgeon prior to boarding can be continued during the cat's stay.

We find that many cats prefer to relax in our quiet and tranquil setting especially senior cats, first timers or cats who may be timid - we are solely a boarding cattery.

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